So, you’re ready to

Change Politics?

Being an Advocate for Change Politics is all about building a better democracy.

Ambitious? Absolutely. Bold? For sure. Total anarchy? Sorry no, you’re in the wrong place.

Let’s make sure we’re clear upfront. We aren’t in the business of tearing things down. And to be honest, things aren’t all bad. But we do know things could be a lot better.

So, to clarify, we stand for:

  • Inclusivity
  • Compromise (yep, that’s very adult of us)
  • Listening to opposing views (again, very adult)
  • Solving problems vs winning arguments 

So we still have you? Great, read on friend.

Being an Advocate means firstly, educating yourself on what we stand for and what we’re campaigning about. And then talking to people about it! Your friends, family & colleagues for sure but most importantly – to decision makers who we know how to get the attention of. Speaking to key decision makers could involve:

  1. Simply writing to your MP
  2. Setting up a meeting with your MP. 
  3. Getting the word out there and being an Advocate Coordinator (not like a pyramid scheme, but kind of?)

Now we aren’t going to tell you what to say in these conversations but if you sign up to be an Advocate, we’ll simply prep you with some background on the topic and tips we’ve seen help get messages across most effectively.

Sounds good? AMAZING. We’d love to hear from you below, and we’ll be in touch.

Upcoming Advocate Training

Join us for our monthly advocate training where you’ll get the top tips on speaking with your MP & advocating for change as well as updates on the campaign progress. Register your interest in becoming an Advocate first and we’ll be in touch!