Ready to Act?

Here are the ways you can help push this forward.

Get started with these…

1. Show Your Support

2. Spread the word

3. Get Active

4. Speak to MPs

Join or start an electorate action group

Meet others like you, in your own electorate and be part of a group of citizens’ working directly to make change. Come together in a small group to determine what you want, embody the practices you’re advocating for and begin to mobilise for change.

Active Democracy is our partner organisation that can help you get started. There may already be a group in your area that you can join or you may wish to start your own.

Either way, Active Democracy will be there to support you.

Through Active Democracy, you can begin to articulate your needs as a collective and work towards having your voice heard by your MP as a group. You can also begin putting into practice the principles of citizens’ assemblies; understanding your bias, hearing diverse perspectives, and collaborating through their kitchen table conversations.

Everything you need to speak to your MP

Do politicians actually listen to people? Yes – but you have to speak their language. They pay attention when enough people reach out on a single topic. So, let’s get calling/writing/talking.

Speaking directly with your local member is one of the most effective ways to advocate for an issue. But, you need to do it well.

We aren’t going to tell you exactly what to say in these conversations (it’s best when you speak in your own voice), but here is some background on the topic and pointers we’ve for effectively getting you view across.

Public Events

We’d love to meet you and for you to meet each other. Luckily we usually have opportunities to do so! Come meet with us virtually (and sometimes in person) in order to hear new ideas, learn about cool things and get involved.

Invite us to talk

If you’re curious to learn more about democracy, politics, citizens’ assemblies or democratic reform, we’d love to speak with you and your people. Get in touch below with what you’re thinking and we’ll come back to you.

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