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Electorate Groups

Meet others like you, who want to change politics and decision-making in your local area by joining an Electorate Group.

  • Mobilise to hold a community assembly in your local area on issues that are affecting your community.
  • Work at improving civic discourse and social cohesion within your community 
  • Advocate representatives to run citizens’ assemblies on important issue in your community.
  • Host engaging and productive deliberation meetings on difficult topics – putting into practice the principles of a citizens’ assembly whilst having important conversations and generating some tangible proposals your community could advocate on.

We’ve partnered with Active Democracy Australia to help support Electorate Groups. They are our partner organisation that can help you get started.

There may already be a group in your area that you can join or you may wish to start your own.

Either way, Active Democracy will be there to support you.

Who is Active Democracy Australia?

Active Democracy Australia is a voluntary association made up of community members who want to see our democracy work better.