< Activity: Dangerous Dinners

Are you avoiding sharing or engaging with big opinions on thorny issues? Want to know how to enter into tricky conversations in a healthier way? Are you keen to learn how to interrogate your own positions and values?  

Yes, just like a bad steak knife commercial, we’re going to promise you ALL of those AND MORE with our dangerous conversation guide.

This isn’t just a ‘pull a card with a crazy statement on it and then discuss’ game. No, no. We’ve pulled together a thorough conversation framework that will step-by-step guide you and your friends, family (colleagues – eep!) into having a rewarding – and ultimately connecting conversation.

Think discussion without the debate.

Think critical thinking without simply critique.

Think learning without the rhetoric.

Whether you want to learn about how to better understand others, examine your own opinions or simply how it’s possible to have conversations with people who have different views in a productive way – this is the dinner game for you.

Pick your flavour below and get cooking!

Your dangerous dinner awaits.

Menu Options

We shouldn’t be bringing children into this world.

We can and should feel free to bring children into this world.

What should parents consider before having a child?